How to defend your privacy when using cryptocurrencies?


It is obvious that perfect security is impossible; any solution contains a certain compromise. At present, it is not uncommon to find statements that anonymity on the Internet no longer exists. A blockchain can be compared to a large accounting system that contains information about transactions. Check how to make it secure right now!

Why are Bitcoin technologies so popular?

Today, the financial systems of individual countries, like other aspects of the economy, are improving and progressing in the context of the development of globalization. This contributes to the emergence of new financial institutions, tools and forms of interaction between people. Yes, an analogue of traditional currencies appeared – cryptocurrency and its most common monetary unit, “bitcoin.”

Bitcoin is similar to electronic money, but it is precisely the principles of complete anonymity, lack of control and limited issues that distinguish it from the operation of electronic payment systems. There is no doubt that Bitcoin technology has huge potential. Payment of anonymous transactions is carried out in a random order for a random number of coins, which adds up to the amount necessary for payment.

Make Bitcoin transactions completely private

Blending mechanisms form the basis of all cryptocurrency blockchains and ensure their security. Before moving on to consider the various mechanisms of consensus, it is necessary to define what it means for the blockchain to achieve consensus. Bitcoin blenders use protocols to hide transactions completely through a coordinated or peer-to-peer method. In essence, the protocol allows a large group of users to pool a certain amount of bitcoins.

A bitcoin blender:

  • provides all the privacy and security standards of a cryptocurrency transaction, as well as a large number of options and perks that you won’t find anywhere else;
  • gives you the option to delete all mixing information once it’s finished.

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